Living on Kauai

The island of Kauai is Hawaii's fourth largest island and has a population of roughly 67,000. Relocating to Kauai is a refreshing escape from the multinational corporations of mainland America that have closed the door on many small businesses.

Over 85% of the employment on Kauai is by small businesses with 20 employees or less. The Island's economy thrives on supporting local business. The tourism industry is also a main source of employment on Kauai, which makes it an attractive place to relocate for those in the hospitality industry.

The mean average home is worth about $400,000, which is a great price considering the value of real estate is all about location. How can you beat $400,000 for a house on an island paradise?

Kauai is home to some of Hawaii's most fertile land for growing things such as: pineapples, coffee, mango, banana, papaya and starfruit. You can always find a farmer's market to get all of these delicious fruits and more fresh from the fields. Many of the island's restaurants utilize local produce to create a cuisine unique to the island.

While everywhere in Hawaii is beautiful, Kauai is known for its beautiful state and beach parks. One of the more popular parks is Koke'e State Park. You will never run out of dazzling nature trails to explore as you fully embrace the island lifestyle. You'll become more in tune with Nature as you start to unplug from technology and ground yourself in the natural world around you. In just a few short months of living the island life on Kauai you'll find yourself with a much healthier and peaceful attitude towards life.

Kauai is a wonderful island for those looking to experience the true vibrancy of island life. The island thrives on supporting local business to promote a sustainable way of living. Its this commitment to a holistic relationship with nature that preserves the beautiful plant and wildlife of this stunning island.

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