See What Hanalei has to Offer its Residents

The small community of Hanalei is home to about 450 people. The town name means “wreath making” in the Hawaiian language, a tribute to the region's tradition of welcoming visitors with flower wreaths called leis.

Residents of Hanalei enjoy living a life enveloped in the natural beauty that can only be found in this corner of the world. The community is situated on a rich coastal plain and is surrounded by sandy beaches and green mountains lined with sparkling waterfalls. Hanalei Bay provides residents and visitors with a beautiful setting for surfing, swimming or a nice afternoon spent relaxing in a favorite beach chair. A hiking trail winding up a nearby ridge offers a panoramic view of the town, as well as the neighboring lush valleys and clear waters of the bay.

Hanalei Pier, which was constructed in 1892, still serves residents today as a favorite fishing spot and gathering place, and it is not uncommon to see local musicians playing here on any given day. The pier achieved worldwide fame after it was featured in the 1958 film “South Pacific.”

Music lovers will enjoy the ukulele concerts that are among the regularly scheduled events at the Hanalei Community Center, and those who appreciate fine art will love visiting the many galleries in town, where sculptures made of native Hawaiian wood are among the items on display. Take a tour of the expansive fields of heart-shaped talo plants at the base of the mountains and see how the locals cultivate the key ingredient in poi, a dish found at any Hawaiian luau.

Hanalei has its own police and fire station in town. Local children are educated at Hanalei Elementary School, which is operated by the Hawaii Department of Education. Ching Young Village offers convenient shopping and dining opportunities, so you won't have to go far to find basic necessities, a special gift or things to do for a night on the town.  

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